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Hardwood Flooring
Nothing brings out the natural beauty of your home like the enchantment of hardwood flooring. And there’s no one more capable of helping you select hardwood floors than the experts at Pittsburgh’s Hardwood Restoration Services. Whether you’re seeking the warm, rustic look of red oak or a modern, fine-grained maple, we’ll help you select the most beautiful hardwood floor that will never lose its character or go out of style.As a member of one of the world’s largest buying groups in floorcovering, Pittsburgh’s Hardwood Restoration Services offers a vast selection of affordable hardwood floors from major manufacturers. Additionally, we offer exclusive brands that are designed to always look beautiful in your home and withstand every day wear and tear. Wondering how to choose the right hardwoods for your home? Here’s an overview of the many unique features to consider when selecting flooring. Plus, the experts at Pittsburgh’s Hardwood Restoration Service are always available to assist you personally and answer any questions you may have.

Deciding Between Species, Shade and Gloss
Many hardwood species have bold, characteristic textures and patterns. For example, the rustic flair of oak floors is ideal for adding a dash of old world charm to your home. Still others, like maple, have a refined, elegant grain style and are more contemporary. Different species of wood can also have many different shades between them. Darker wood floors are more traditional and warm, while lighter hues showcase a more casual look. You can also choose a hardwood flooring type based on how well it accents the room, including furniture, a wall hanging, a rug or a countertop. You should also consider the gloss level of the hardwood. Additionally, the plank size and finish of any hardwood floor will create varying looks to complement a room’s desired style. While there’s much to consider in creating the desired look, style and long-term performance of your floors, know that you’ll find a beautiful hardwood floor that’s made affordable at Pittsburgh’s Hardwood Restoration Service.


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